Pretty Pictures, #1

Pianist WILLIE DAVIS (accompanist on the last revival of “Bachelor in New Orleans”; collaborator-to-be on Madame Morganza Spillway) sent me this art in Feckbook, with this note:

As for the previous post, Tim is one of my best friends. He lives in Philly, works in NYC 2 days a week at East of Eights bartending. he worked at Lafittes around ’92-94. A great artist. I trust his aesthetics more than anyone I know. Can’t find a pic. Good-looking Irish dude in his late 40’s now. His buddy Stewart lived in the Chelsea Hotel for a while. Here is a piece of his. There are 2 or 3 more on my website in my ‘Art’ page. …We met here in NOLA but both moved to NYC. I mentioned his joke about picking the grapes and sowing the grass as a drag show trick. He is not on FB.

I just like it is all.

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