Special, Albeit Necessarily Anonymous, Messages, #1

Hey baby-
I am happy to see, and view your new path. The pure creative spark and expression of the creative mind that you have, is much more powerful entity than the motherfucking social media tit that we all suck at.
I’m guilty of my own addiction, although my ruminations take another form.
Feckbook is pretty vacuous to me, and serves its own outlet.
I miss you and Eric, and count you both as more than casual “friends”. The thought of either of you dropping from a blip on the radar for me to the ether is a terrifying one. But, if it works for you, this can serve as our digital “post office”.
I am still working on the book, albeit sporadically. I, like yourself, should retreat. But, I am so goddamned tired when I get home that writing is the 50 lb mountain gorilla that cuts off my creative.
Things are in the works. Potentially good. And, with any luck, they will eventually involve you.
I love you both, you ol codger.
We’ll talk soon.
Your pal,
(and to paraphrase as you said “straight cock tease”)